Pass Plus 

It is a great feeling when you pass your driving test.  After all the hard work (and expense) of learning to drive and preparing for the test you are suddenly free to drive on your own and go wherever you want, whenever you want.

As an Instructor I get great satisfaction from getting people through their tests but this is always tempered by a slight feeling of concern because although I do my best to ensure that the people I teach are really good drivers, I know that the statistics show how vulnerable they are in their first couple of years of driving.

Two drivers under 25 die on the roads every day

Two people under the age of 25 years of age die on the roads every day in the UK, and in their first year of driving one in five new drivers are involved in an accident.

It isn’t the drivers’ youth that is the problem – it is their lack of experience.  It is all very well being able to get through your driving test but you will only become a really good driver when you have built up a wider range of experiences of different driving situations than pre-test driving lessons are able to give you.  For instance learner drivers are not allowed to drive on motorways.

Pass Plus is designed to enable you to develop your driving experience with the guidance of a Professional Driving Instructor and therefore reduce the risk that you will be involved in an accident.

“Some Motor Insurance companies offer reductions on your insurance premium if you have taken a Pass Plus advanced driving course”


Accidents with first year drivers

How does Pass Plus work?

The Pass Plus course involves a minimum of six hours of driving tuition covering all aspects of driving in six modules:

1. Urban Roads
2. Rural Roads
3. Dual Carriageways
4. Motorways
5. All-weather driving and Night driving.

There is no test involved in Pass Plus. You just cover the six modules with me and I assess your driving as we go through them. Provided you achieve the required standard, I send my assessment to the Driving Standards Agency who then send you a Pass Plus certificate.

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